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This wine comes from a single vineyard at the highest point of the Aurora vineyards, in Fitra at 900 meters altitude. It is a relatively young vineyard planted in 2012 and has been producing atypical pinot wines with superb quality and length, with significant tanins and vibrant fruit. 


This wine has been fermented in stainless steel temperature controlled tanks, at low temperatures. Following the initial fermentation, it is then aged in neutral oak barrels for four month, filtered, then bottled approximately six months after harvest. 


Aurora Pinot Noir has a pale ruby red color, the nose reveals typical pinot berries and fresh red fruit with some soft hermal aromas and tannins due to the youth of its vines. It is a relatively light-body wine, with an enjoyable smoothe texture and long-lasting earthy finish. 

technical details

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Noir

Date of harvest: End of August 

Barrel Ageing: 4 months in neutral oak

Tasting Room

Address: Fanar . Sayfco building . Beirut Lebanon
Telephone: + 961 1 891 816
Mobile: + 961 71 632 620

Office Hours: Weekdays from 11:00am to 7:00pm


Address: Rachkedde, Batroun, North Lebanon
Mobile: + 961 71 632 620
Winery visits by appointment only